Finance Apps:
Benchmarks and Trends

The best app store optimization practices for the Finance category. Find out the latest benchmarks and mobile trends for finance apps, along with actionable tips to enhance your ASO and paid UA strategy.

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Finance Apps: Benchmarks and Trends

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What’s Inside?

This report covers the Finance category trends in terms of app store optimization and user acquisition.

We’ve analyzed top 100 apps in the Finance category and put together all the best ideas and best practices designed to help you reinforce your mobile marketing strategy.

Download the report and get:

  • Latest benchmarks for finance apps
    - Conversion rate
    - Engagement rate

  • ASO Trends & recommendations
    - Icons
    - Screenshots
    - App previews
    - Rating & reviews

  • Effective UA tactics for finance apps

  • Integrated ASO and Apple Search Ads strategy

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